About us

entrepreneurship Club at the University of South Carolina (EclubSC) operates as both a 501(c)(3) non-profit and a university club. We are a student-run organization that aims to inspire, educate, and grow entrepreneurs at the University of South Carolina. We attract students of all backgrounds and majors who share a passion for creativity and innovation. 


Our mission

The mission of eclubsc is to develop entrepreneurs and provide them the experience, resources, and network necessary to change the world.


Our Vision

The vision of eclubsc is to be a nationally recognized entrepreneurship organization and an essential institution at the university of south carolina.


Leadership Team

Executive Board

katie headshot.PNG

President: Katherine Longrich

Kathrine is a sophomore studying Visual Communications.

(e:) katie@eclubsc.com


Vice President: Joshua Pearson

Joshua is a junior studying Political Science, Economics and French.

(e:) josh@eclubsc.com

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Director of Marketing: Benjamin Ciardullo

(e:) ben@eclubsc.com

Brett Background.png

Director of Finance: Brett Nilsen

Brett is a sophomore studying Finance.

(e:) brett@eclubsc.com

Headshot Hunter-2.jpg

Director of Administration: Hunter Satcher

Hunter is a junior studying Finance and Corporate Management.

(e:) hunter@eclubsc.com

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Director of External Events: Kimberly Hubbard

(e:) kimberly@eclubsc.com


Director of Internal Events: Tyler Johnson

(e:) tyler@eclubsc.com