Need help with your business?

We utilize our resources and skills as students to help startup companies validate their business plans. 

Why choose us? 

  • We have access to reserve rooms, promote on digital display boards, and utilize USC's resources. 

  • Our social media expertise (over 3,500 + twitter followers).

  • Our communication channels with thousands of other students (over 1,000 active email subscribers). 

  • Our driven executive board and consulting team will work with you the entire way. 

How we can help? 

  • We can recruit students to test or justify your business plan. 

  • We can manage and advise your social media strategy.

  • We can promote/market/sell your products on our campus. 

What is the Compensation?

  • We work out a fair compensation plan according to the size of your company and the work required.

Our Past Clients: 


Chain Vote DLT delivers secure and private mobile polling and mobile voting; B2B services on DLT/blockchain. ChainVote DLT is engaged in strategic cooperation with GSMA Mobile Connect and Mobile Network Operators with paid pilots ongoing in Spain (Madrid), United Kingdom (London), and USA (Columbia, SC). ChainVote Blockchain is built with Distributed Ledger Technology (“DLT”). ChainVote is a social enterprise with positive potential opportunity for: (a) profitability with private sector polling and voting applications, and (b) exceptionally high impact for mobile, secure, private voting, to support our western democratic society.


Based out of Sullivans Island, SC. Hooch uses real limes, real sugar and natural flavors to create this endless mixer to use with any of your favorite spirits or champagne. Hooch it up!


Collegiate Networks is a student-first marketing agency that helps brands raise awareness, drive new users and gather valuable insights on college campuses via a unique mix of trusted student representatives, data science and digital media marketing. Our customized campus programs enable brands to connect directly with college students at any budget.